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PULSTRONICS INDIA always attempt to bring to our customers by providing them the most convenient, efficient, innovative, reliable and quality products at highly competitive prices. we are always ready for constant improvement and innovation of new products to meet the demand of the market. we are the best batteries Manufacturer in India.

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Pulstronics India lithium Batteries
Pulstronics India lithium Batteries
Pulstronics India lithium Batteries
Pulstronics India Lead Acid Batteries

Low Cap. Voltage Stabilizers

Pulstronics India Lead Acid Batteries

High Cap. Voltage Stabilizers

Pulstronics India Lead Acid Batteries

Automotive Batteries

Pulstronics India Lead Acid Batteries

Inverter Batteries

Pulstronics India Voltage Stabilizer

Solar Batteries

Pulstronics India Voltage Stabilizer

Home UPS System


We have constructed a sound manufacturing unit over the land area of 5000 sq.ft. The unit is equipped with automatic machines like shearing, bending, power press and oven that facilitate smooth and precise production process.

Our Team

We have with us a dedicated team of engineers. Our engineers are well-versed with the evolving market demands and ensure to manufacture products according to client’s requirement, which enables us to satisfy client needs to the fullest.

Quality Policy

We aspire to provide maximum satisfaction to the clients by providing them the best products. We manufacture all our products using high quality Raw materials that are acknowledged for excellent tensile strength, durability, and resistance against corrosion.

Our Product Range:


Pulstron JT-18000 PI is Heavy Duty Thick Grid Battery, Which Gives You Extra Backup & Long Life From 4 yrs-7 yrs Easily.

Selenium Lead Inside

Plate Type
Made Up Of Thick Grid 8mm Plates Which Makes It Tuff Among Its Competitors

Box Type
Heavy P.P White Container Box Durable In Transport

Voltage & Ampere
12 Volts 180 Ah



Based On PST ( Power Saving Technology ), Makes Our H-UPS More Advance In Its Field, Which Saves Your Electricity Bill As It Doesnot Have It’s Own Load, As Transformer Made Up Of Super Alloy Wire.

800 VA / 12V

Runs 7 Fans At Same Time

Charging Modes

It have Different Types Of Charging Modes
Fit With Any Type Of 12v Battery

PTI - 4090D (BLACK)

Runs Your Air Conditioner Up To 1.5 Ton Very Easily Even At Very Low Voltages Like 90 Volts, Your Air Conditioner Gives You Good Cooling Even At Peak Summer Time.

Used For


Display Type

Other Safety Feature

Voltage Regulators For Small Appliances

Pulstron Designed The Small Voltage Regulators For Small Appliances Like.. Referigertors, LED, LCD, Televisions, By Considering Each And Every Expect Of The Appliances Working, It Will Gives The Stabilized Power To Your Sensitive Appliances So That They Perform Well And Secure Them From Dangerous Voltages To Give Them Long Life.

Boosted Power Batteries For Long Lasting Backup

Pulstron Have Wide Range Of Inverter Batteries Starting From 120 AH To 250 AH, So That It Can Be Easy For Customers To Choose The Right Product For Their Need, If The Power Backup Requirement Is Low Than You Can Choose Low Ampere Battery If You Want High Power Backup Than You Can Choose High Ampere Capacity Battery. All Batteries Made Up Of Selenium Lead Based On A.G.M Technology With Thick Grid Tubular 8 MM Battery Plates.

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